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#28379: Shadow Ring

Item ID 28379 For Sale No
Identifier Shadow_Ring Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Shadow Ring Type Armor
NPC Buy 20 Weight 10
NPC Sell 10 Weapon Level 0
Range 0 Defense 0
Slots 1 Refineable No
Attack 0 Min Equip Level 20
MATK 0 Max Equip Level None
Equip Locations Accessory Right + Accessory Left
Equip Upper Normal / Upper / Baby / Third / Third Upper / Third Baby
Equippable Jobs All Jobs
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Item Use Script

1 .@s = getskilllv("RG_STEALCOIN"); .@r = getskilllv("RG_RAID"); if (.@s>=1) .@a = .@s; else .@a = 1; bonus3 bAutoSpell,"RG_STEALCOIN",.@a,50; bonus2 bSkillAtk,"RG_BACKSTAP",2*BaseLevel; bonus3 bAddEff,Eff_Stun,.@r*100,ATF_SHORT; autobonus3 "{ bonus2 bSkillAtk,\"SC_TRIANGLESHOT\",BaseLevel/3; }",1000,20000,5010,"{ specialeffect2 153; }"; /* Placeholder specialeffect */

Equip Script None
Unequip Script None
Description A ring that only high class thief can worn.
Randomly autocasts Level 1 Steal Coin when dealing physical attack.
Cast higher skill level when wearer has learned higher skill level of Steal Coin.
Randomly inflicts Stun status on target when using Raid skill.
Every learned skill level of Raid, raises the chance of inflicting Stun status.
Every Base Level increases Back Stab damage by 2%.
When using Escape, for 20 seconds increases Triangle Shot damage by (BaseLevel/3)%
Armor: Accessory
Defense: 0
Weight: 10
Level Requirement: 20
Jobs: All