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#1420: Long Horn

Item ID 1420 For Sale No
Identifier Long_Horn Credit Price Not For Sale
Name Long Horn Type Weapon - One-Handed Spear
NPC Buy 20 Weight 100
NPC Sell 10 Weapon Level 4
Range 3 Defense 0
Slots 1 Refineable Yes
Attack 150 Min Equip Level 65
MATK 0 Max Equip Level None
Equip Locations Main Hand
Equip Upper Upper / Third Upper
Equippable Jobs Swordman / Knight / Crusader
Equip Gender Both (Male and Female)
Item Use Script

1 bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Holy; bonus2 bAddEff,Eff_Bleeding,500; skill "TF_DETOXIFY",1; bonus bUnbreakableWeapon;

Equip Script None
Unequip Script None
Description A spear fashioned from a unicorn's horn, enabling it to neutralize poisons and inflict deep wounding.
Enables use of Level 1 Detoxify.
Randomly inflicts Bleeding status on target when dealing physical attack.
When combined with Valkyrie Shield:
Randomly autocasts Level 2 Assumptio on wearer when receiving physical attack.
Weapon: One-Handed Spear
Attack: 150
Weight: 100
Element: Holy
Weapon Level: 4
Level Requirement: 65
Jobs: Transcendent Swordman

Long Horn Dropped By

Monster ID Monster Name Long Horn Drop Chance Monster Level Monster Race Monster Element
2107 Fallen Bishop Hibram 100% 138 Demon Level 2 Dark
1871 Falling Bishop 100% 138 Demon Level 2 Dark
1992 Cornus 0.3% 120 Brute Level 3 Holy